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Antique Light Pole
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Specification of

Antique light poles have a variety of models / types with a variety of models and height that can be tailored to the needs and on demand. Antique Garden Light Poles / PJU Poles (Public Street Lighting) and Special Design Light Poles with the following application fields:

  • Highway Light Poles
  • Housing and Real Estate Light Poles
  • Road Junction Light Pole
  • Parking Area Light Pole
  • Public Facility Light Poles
  • City Park / Square Light Pole
  • Light Poles with Distinctive Characteristics / Regional Ethics
  • Housing and Real Estate Light Poles
  • Advertising Light Pole / Neon Box Promotion
  • Street Light Poles / Road Signs
  • Traffic Light / Traffic Light Pole
  • Octagonal / Hexagonal Galvanized Light Pole
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