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Hydrant Pillar
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Hydrant Pillar is a device in fire hydrant installations that are usually located outside the building in strategic locations that are easily visible whose function is to pressurized water supply output in a hydrant network which when working is connected to a fire hose to bring firefighters closer to the fire. There are two main types of hydrant pillars in Indonesia. namely hydrant pillar one way and hydrant pillar two way, the price of a hydrant pillar two way is usually more expensive because it uses 2 connections for discharging water. While one way uses only one output of water expenditure so the price of this hydrant pillar is much cheaper.

One of CV products. The jaya metal is a hydrant pillar that has a stainless coating, hearing bright red paint makes it easy to identify for officers every time you use it in the event of a fire. This anti-rust coating is not only on the outside, but also the inside and drainage so it makes this component more reliable and durable. So that although the laying of the hydrant pillar is outdoors and radiates temperature and erratic weather such as Indonesia Hydrant Pillar, it will always be ready for use at any time.

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